Flower Centerpiece- under ten dollars

I love flowers! In my mind, the more flowers the better.  The problem is that flowers are by no means cheap.  This is especially true when trying to create a full and plush bouquet for a dinning centerpiece.

It is a misconception that only the most beautiful and expensive flowers can look unique and striking.  In this arrangement, I have include two very inexpensive and common types of flowers: the burgundy Chrysanthemum (Mum) and the hot pink Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily).  What works about these flowers is that they can fully fill out an arrangement on their own.  They are also long-lasting,  when compared to other fresh-cut flowers, and inexpensive.

In the pictured bouquet, I have simply combined a $4.00 bouquet of Alstroemeria and a $5.00 bouquet of Chrysanthemums purchased at my local grocery store.  This added up to a $9.00 cost for this bouquet.  To give this bouquet a more sophisticated and seasonal look, I  combined two twigs that had fallen off trees in my backyard and some of the flowering shoots off our ornamental Maiden Grass.  I have found that the fall of the year is an ideal time to find colorful statement foliage for your bouquets.  This can give them a look and sophistication that is well beyond their $9.00 price tag!


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