Finding Motivation and Endurance

Almost every year out of the past several, I have ran the Thanksgiving Day Race in our city.  These Turkey day races have become popular all over the country and are always a fun way to start the holiday season.  I am not a runner.  So, committing to do this 10K run every year is definitely a stretch for me.  When my husband and I got married, he started doing them with me.  Now it is our tradition.  We try to train together, (as much as possible) and we always make an event out of picking-up our race day number and T-shirts the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It’s a fun time…except for this year….

Training this year has been TOUGH! I underestimated how hard it would be to find the time to train with the baby.  Our training together has been almost obsolete because we usually have to take turns watching the baby while the other person goes for a run.  I have admittedly been blowing-off evening runs.  This is becuase I have been at work all day, and when I get home all I want to do is spend time with my little one.  The result of this scattered training schedule is that it has totally killed my motivation.

When I do finally get out for a run, I struggle to complete it.  I have done WAY less than I should have been doing, and thus when I go for a Saturday long run it feels as if every muscle in my body is tightening up.  During these moments I get a blissful image of myself lying across the couch in sweat pants watching my favorite HGTV episode.  Then, just before I decide to turn around and go home, I remember I have a baby.  If I go home now, I may be in sweat pants, but I definitely will not be lying on the couch watching HGTV.  So, I keep going.

Last Saturday I felt particularly unmotivated.  After two miles, I really thought about throwing in the towel.  Then it hit me: Philippians 4:13.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.   I have heard this verse a thousand times before, but something about the way it flashed in my mind that day hit me.  Wow, can I really do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me?  Scripture says that I can, and if I believe it (which I do) then the answer is an uniquvovcable YES!  So, I dug deep, prayed for endurance, and chanted that verse in my head.

While dweling on this verse, another verse popped into my head: Matthew 17:20 “For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and Nothing will be Impossible for you.” Nothing will be impossible?  My first thought was that I had better start praying for something bigger than just finishing a 10K!

God does not tell us these things becuase they just sound amazing.  He tells us these things becuase they are TRUE!  Can you belive it?  It seems too good to be true! Yet, he makes these promises to us and asks us to have faith in him to fullfill these promises in our lives.  I need to start dweling more on the awesomeness of God.  I think the Thanksgivng season seems like a perfectly good time to do it!  By the way, I am sure you will not be surprised when I tell you I ran my full 5 mile training run that day in record time.  Thanks, God!


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