Food for the Soul

I had my first cooking class yesterday; it was great!  The class is done in an online format.  I was a little skeptical of how much I would get out of it, having never taken an online class before.  However, it was really well organized, and it felt like I was right back in the university.  I graduated from college when online courses were just starting to become the norm.  So, I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised with how well it was designed and how much I actually learned from the time spent in the session.

After doing a couple of assignments and participating in the first “live” lecture, I am feeling mostly excited about the course.  I will admit, I am also feeling a little trepidatious.  For one thing, I clearly did not read the fine print.  This is a “no oils” class.  How do you even cook without oils?  I guess I will be able to tell you soon enough.  The course is completely plant based.  I think this will be harder than I first assumed.  Yet, at the same time I am excited about challenging myself.  I am excited about challenging my diet, my obedience in following the program in the scheduled manner, and finally excited about possibly changing the health of my family for a lifetime.  For some reason, in the midst of all my doubt, I felt empowered after the first class.   It felt good.  It was like food for the soul.

As a new mom, I have discovered what all moms know: you think about your family first and yourself last.  You don’t even mind doing this as a mom.  I actually prefer being with my family and taking care of my daughter over just about everything.  However, I need to take care of me too so that I can be my very best for them.  I am not so good at this part.  I have not done something enriching for myself in awhile.  It’s a blessing to find something that I can be excited about while also serving my family.  I know that what I learn will be used to benefit all of us.

I guess I should mention the name of the cooking class.  It is based on the philosophy of the film Forks over Knives and produced through the Rouxbe Cooking school.  You can check it out here:  A friend introduced me to the film, and here I am.  Finally, I should say the featured photo with this post is not something I made.  It was a delicious snack that my husband and I shared at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam a few years back.



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