Don’t Despair…

“Oh praise the one who fights for me and shields my soul eternally”! Continue reading Don’t Despair…


Purge-Finding Peace While Spring Cleaning

In trying to keep to my promise of focusing more on Jesus this Easter season, I purged my closet today! Yes, I know you must be thinking that these things could not possibly be related.  Let me explain…. Each week I feel as if I am being overtaken by my clothes: clean clothes, dirty clothes, old maternity clothes, accessories, socks that don’t match, the list … Continue reading Purge-Finding Peace While Spring Cleaning

Finding Motivation and Endurance

Almost every year out of the past several, I have ran the Thanksgiving Day Race in our city.  These Turkey day races have become popular all over the country and are always a fun way to start the holiday season.  I am not a runner.  So, committing to do this 10K run every year is definitely a stretch for me.  When my husband and I got … Continue reading Finding Motivation and Endurance